Phylica pubescens

Phylica Hydra has beautiful feather-like foliage and is enigmatic to both look and touch. Its buttery lemon and lime tones, splashed through with frosted ice foliage brings this variety to life. With late winter, early spring flowering, it marks the point of the change of season. Hydra carries with it an ancient presence fitting for only the most alluring garden setting.

plant dimensions

Height: 1.5m
Width: 1.5m


Full Sun

water usage

Low water use

flowering time

Winter / Spring

frost tolerance

Light Frost

soil type

Well drained acidic soil, Low pH

suitable for

Home Garden, Floristry

Phylica Hydra is covered in narrow grey-green leaves which are densely covered with soft hairs. In Autumn through to late Winter tiny flowers appear at the end of the branches, surrounded by golden creamy bracts. A tactile plant for the garden, it is also an up and coming cut flower, featured in many high end boutique florists.