So® Majestic

Leucospermum cordifolium hybrid

Wild, beautiful, and ancient. Leucospermum So Majestic captivates its audience through just presence alone. With sharp, vibrant lemon tones infused into the styles, its twisted growth habit still maintains strong upright form and holds the best traits of the cordifolium species. What sets So Majestic apart from other Leucospermum is its flowering time. It is not uncommon for this variety to hold its flower over the Christmas period, making it one of the latest flowering Leucospermum available.

plant dimensions

Height: 1.5m

Width: 1.5m


Full Sun

water usage

Low Water Use

flowering time


frost tolerance

Low Frost Tolerance

soil type

Well drained acidic soil, pH (5.5)

suitable for

Home Garden, Pots