Phoenix Rising

Leucospermum reflexum hybrid

Leucospermum Phoenix Rising rises from the ashes every year flaunting its sun kissed bracts and apricot coloured styles that are consistent with the reflexum species. Holding a tight shape to its flowering form, it will change in colour and darken as it draws to the end of its flowering cycle. Those who are lucky enough to witness it will be taken on a journey of colour – from lemon, to apricot, to burnt peach. It is further complemented by its upright growth habit that is less common across genus Leucospermum. A beautiful addition to any garden or patio which will attract birds, bees, and most importantly the heart of any onlooker.

plant dimensions

Height: 2.5m
Width: 2.0m


Full Sun

water usage

Low water use

flowering time


frost tolerance

Moderate frost

soil type

Well drained acidic soil, pH (5.5)

suitable for

Home Garden, Pots