Berzelia stokoei

Berzelia stokoei Majira is a slender exotic plant that grows in the fynbos of South Africa. Majira has green, needle-like leaves that are smooth and shiny. It produces round alien-like clusters of red and white flowers that are on full display during the summer months. This rare and unusual plant is very underrated due to its subtle form and size, once in flower though, it cannot be unseen.

plant dimensions

Height: 2.0m
Width: 1.5m


Full Sun

water usage

Low water use

flowering time


frost tolerance

Light Frost

soil type

Well drained acidic soil, Low pH

suitable for

Home Garden, Patio, Floristry

Majira, Brunia stokoei is a slender shrub with exotic green, needle-like foliage and develops striking circular red flowers in November through to April. It's ideal for low water use gardens and is a popular variety for cut flowers.