Potting Proteas

Potting Proteas

Into their new home

The ideal time to pot up your plant is late autumn – early spring as the weather is cooler. It is key to remember to pot up every year. When you’re looking for the perfect pot, choose one which is no more than double that of the original pot. This is to ensure that the plant receives the right amount of fertilizers from the soil. Protea enjoy free-draining soil so you’ll need to make sure there are plenty of drainage holes and no saucer.

Using a premium potting mix that doesn’t contain controlled release fertilizer and is suitable for Proteaceae or natives (low in phosphorus), add enough soil to the bottom of the pot to ensure the final soil level is approximately between 2cm-5cm below the rim of the pot.

Next, you can remove your plant from its pot and gently tease out the roots. Place it in the centre of the new pot. When you add more soil to fill the pot, remember to gently firm the soil around the roots. The soil level should just cover the original root mass.


Placing your potted plant in the right position in your garden or on your patio is key. Proteaceae varieties will grow best in a position where they receive full sun all day. It may also be a good idea to raise the pot off the ground to ensure free drainage as they do not like having wet feet.

Caring for your plant

To receive the best results from your plant, we recommend re-potting once a year. Ensure the soil in the pot is kept moist but not excessively wet, especially during summer. Add fertiliser once a year – it is important to use a slow release fertiliser suitable for natives. Pruning is also important in caring for your plant and to receive flowers regularly.

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