Autumn Season Proteas

Autumn Season Proteas

Proteaflora shares their top plant varieties for your garden this autumn and how to use them. Some Proteaceae varieties bloom throughout autumn and showcase a stunning colour palette of fiery oranges, striking reds, warm yellows and deep purples.

Gypsy Red is a gorgeous medium sized shrub with lovely dark red foliage in autumn and winter. It also produces purple tips to add to the mix. It has lovely fine foliage which makes it perfect for hedging and cut flowers for bringing indoors.

Red Devil is a compact plant which provides a variety of colours with bright red foliage in autumn and yellow highlights during winter. It is a lovely addition to any garden and can be grown in pots so is perfect for balconies too.

Selected specially for container and small garden growing, Little Prince is a compact King Protea with two flowering seasons – autumn and spring. It is perfect for attracting birds to your garden and for having gorgeous cut flowers to pick.

Aulax Cancellata Bronze Haze

Showcasing spectacular deep bronze colour in autumn to winter with yellow feathery flowers in spring, Bronze Haze adds fantastic colour and texture to any garden. It is a wonderful feature plant or can be planted en masse as a hedge or group. It’s also perfect for coastal conditions.

Mass planted, used as a miniature hedge or planted individually, this compact shrub has dense foliage and golden yellow flowers from late summer through autumn. Birthday Candles are perfect for container or garden planting.

Safari Sunset provides spectacular burgundy-red colour throughout autumn and winter. An extremely hardy variety which is fantastic for screening and cut flowers. Also tolerates coastal conditions well.

By adding any combination of these Proteas to your garden, you will have spectacular colour through the autumn months, making your garden even more enjoyable as the cooler weather sets in.